About Us

Learning Partnerships is a Talent Development organisation and Registered Training Organisation (RTO), delivering training and qualifications in operation since 1999.

We provide training, qualifications, recruitment, coaching and consulting to help individuals and businesses thrive.

Our philosophy is that Collaboration, Innovation, and Education are the pillars to success. That, those that work hard, never stop learning and look to the future with a growth mindset and consider the ability to innovate, change and adapt as critical.

That is why in all of our courses we are looking forward to future trends and technology to ensure that all of our training has a basis of Innovation, Ideation, and agile business models to enable our students, clients, and partners to be future ready.





Miranda Hamilton

Managing Director

Robyn Smith

 Business Trainer

Claire Hubbert

 Digital Specialist

Tina Duncan

TAE Specialist

Kim Carlyon

General Manager

Jennifer Ironside

 Business Trainer

Denni Maree Rankin

Student Liaison Officer

Allison Moritz

Student Administration

Kylie Ellwood

Extended DISC Master Trainer and Business Trainer

Gerard Byne

Project Management and Governance Trainer


We have been supporting individuals, government small business and large businesses since 1999 with qualifications, team development, training, coaching and business process reengineering.


The essential characteristic of social responsibility is the willingness of an organisation to incorporate social and environmental considerations in its decision making and be accountable for all impacts of its decisions and activities on society and the environment. This implies both transparent and ethical behaviour that contributes to sustainable development, is in compliance with applicable law and is consistent with international norms of behaviour. It also implies that social responsibility is integral throughout the organisation, is practised in its relationships and takes into account the interests of stakeholders. *

  • International Standard – ISO 26000 – Guidance on Social Responsibility 2010, Clause 3.3.1.

Our Core Social Responsibility Focus

Our core focus at Learning Partnerships, is supporting members of our community, in particular, our youth, who have been disadvantaged by mental health, domestic violence, circumstance or distance to achieve their purpose and potential.

We understand that these challenges can also have a compounding effect on personal development and career opportunities. We believe in actively supporting community groups and initiatives with similar values, and our volunteer policy means our staff can take regular time off to get involved.

Our areas of support include:

Queensland Youth SErvicesLearnit

Learn it Townsville – An amazing local initiative to help disadvantaged youths obtain their driver's licence. Without resources and support, it can be very difficult for youth to obtain their driver's licence which in turn affects their life and career prospects. We encourage you to volunteer your time or your business resources to help Learn IT keep providing this valuable support to the community at the grassroots.


Absolutely the best training I have ever received was never a dull moment everyone in the class was happy and laughing with big smiles course went swimmingly, terrific help if I ever got stuck on questions or assessments.

Very friendly staff as well. Tina explained the information in great detail which helped me a lot considering I have never done a course like this before - thanks a lot for everything guys 🙂


The social media 4 business workshop was useful and relevant and has definitely grown my confidence. Thank you


Great staff, friendly atmosphere - very helpful and flexible in accommodating for students overall extremely happy with the training I received.


Thank you for an informative and engaging training session. You responded to people's questions very well and impressed me with your enthusiasm and knowledge.


Miranda delivered Board Ready training for me and my other new Board members in an agri-tech start-up business in March. It was fantastic. We learned so much, from the details of our roles, through legal responsibility - and perhaps most importantly for our new company - she facilitated the elucidation of our core principles and established the beginning of our risk appetite and matrices. I thoroughly recommend this course.


Big thanks to Adrian for his willingness to challenge and inspire through his training and mentoring


My daughter just completed one of the courses. One of the best courses she has done.

Gave her an insight into herself, confidence and great skills to use when she finishes Year 12 this year.

Highly recommend it to any teenagers coming up to their final year of school. Wish this was in all schools for students.


A passionate RTO that really cares about their students and sets them up for success.

Best training I've ever received. Thanks for making it a pleasure and not a chore.


Thank you Miranda, Sue and especially Robyn who was such a great help. I'll be back and will recommend Learning Partnerships to all. See you soon.


Having worked for corporates for most of my career I found that I had built a resume of "internally" recognised qualifications and had not invested the time in gaining external qualifications. This was both a mental barrier and a potentially limiting situation.

Doing the RPL meant that all of the skills that I demonstrate in my leadership career could be acknowledged in a qualification that would be recognised and respected by others.

I found the process to be simple and easy and was well supported by LP along the way. For time poor people with demonstrated experience, this is a really great option and a good tax incentive too.



As part of the renewal of registration process under the VET Quality Framework, Learning Partnerships in Business Pty Ltd Registration ID 31719 was audited on the 13th and 14th August 2013. The Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2012 SNR 15, 16, 17, 18, 20 & 22.2 Essential standards for continuing registration were included in the audit.

The qualifications audited were:

BSB40207/BSB40212** – Certificate IV in Business
BSB40807/BSB40812** – Certificate IV in Frontline Management
TAE40110 – Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
TAE50111 – Diploma of Vocational Education and Training
** Dual qualifications were audited as the BSB40207 & BSB40807 were in transition. The audit process included training and assessment that has occurred, and ensured the organisation was resourced for the current qualifications BSB40212 & BSB40812.

The national auditor deemed all qualifications, staff, finances and insurances audited fully compliant with the VET Quality Framework.
A copy of the full report can be viewed here.