Announcement New Scope

We have some exciting news with the national release of our new qualifications commencing in 2020. This is particularly exciting news for us as we have worked tirelessly to contextualise our programs for organisations typical to our region and current trends and innovations

Our Tourism, hospitality and Event Management and retail has an emphasis on EcoTourism and EduTourism, and our governance and workplace health and safety and volunteer management has a lot of emphasis on resources, primary industries and building resilience and essential governance for demonstrating good governance for grants, tenders and business growth

Trading Name

Trading NameStart DateEnd Date
Learning Partnerships in Business Pty Ltd09/Sep/201330/Sep/2025

Additions to Scope

CodeTitleExtentStart DateEnd Date
BSB30719Certificate III in Work Health and SafetyDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025
BSB40915Certificate IV in GovernanceDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025
BSB41419Certificate IV in Work Health and SafetyDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025
BSB41515Certificate IV in Project Management PracticeDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025
BSB51319Diploma of Work Health and SafetyDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025
CHC30213Certificate III in Education SupportDeliver and assess04/Dec/201930/Sep/2025
CHC44015Certificate IV in Coordination of volunteer programsDeliver and assess04/Dec/201930/Sep/2025
FNS30317Certificate III in Accounts AdministrationDeliver and assess04/Dec/201930/Sep/2025
FNS40217Certificate IV in Accounting and BookkeepingDeliver and assess04/Dec/201930/Sep/2025
FNS50217Diploma of AccountingDeliver and assess04/Dec/201930/Sep/2025
SIR30216Certificate III in RetailDeliver and assess04/Dec/201930/Sep/2025
SIT20116Certificate II in TourismDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025
SIT30116Certificate III in TourismDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025
SIT30616Certificate III in HospitalityDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025
SIT40116Certificate IV in Travel and TourismDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025
SIT50116Diploma of Travel and Tourism ManagementDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025
SIT50316Diploma of Event ManagementDeliver and assess27/Nov/201930/Sep/2025


We are also providing the following shorter skill sets over periods of one day to four days.

BSBSS00033- Aspiring Supervisor Skill Set*

BSBSS00035- Copyright Skill Set*

BSBSS00037- Design Protection Skill Set*

BSBSS00039- Governance Induction Skill Set*

BSBSS00040- Innovation Leadership Skill Set*

BSBSS00043- Key Management Skill Set*

BSBSS00046- Managing Innovation Skill Set*

BSBSS00061- Cloud Computing and Digital Skills for Business Skill Set*

BSBSS00063- Team Leader Skill Set*

BSBSS00064- Promoting Diversity Awareness in the Workplace Skill Set*

BSBSS00074- Manage Association Finances and Risk Skill Set*

BSBSS00075- Coordinate Committee Activity Skill Set*

BSBSS00087- Small Business Growth Skill Set*

BSBSS00088- Small Business Survival Skill Set*

BSBSS00089- Workplace Innovation Skill Set*

CPPSS00076- Administration management/office support*

SIRSS00018- Understand the use of social media for business purposes*

SITSS00034- Business Management*

SITSS00035- Customer Service Management*

SITSS00036- Customer Service*

SITSS00038- Governance for Board Members*

TAESS00008- Enterprise Trainer – Mentoring Skill Set*                        

TAESS00013- Enterprise Trainer – Mentoring Skill Set*                         

TAESS00014- Enterprise Trainer-Presenting Skill Set*                          

TAESS00017- Workplace Supervisor Skill Set*                                

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