Business Solutions

Our purpose is to empower business and their teams succeed.


Learning Partnerships supports Businesses to improve business, staff engagement, develop leaders, address performance issues and make use of government funding for training and trainees.

Our arsenal and core strengths are in the areas of ripple impact areas of self, team, and customer.

We provide a complimentary initial consultation and needs assessment to determine core objectives, current state, and areas of concern to determine if and where we can add value and deliver tangible benefits.

At present many businesses are concerned about ensuring they develop and retain good talent and develop a positive culture and positively engaged employees.


Soft skills such as Communicating with influence, challenging conversations, turning Conflict into opportunity, emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Higher Order Skills such as innovation, problem-solving, process improvement and continuous improvement.

Team Dynamic Skills including staff engagement, emotional intelligence, integrated development programs, healthy relationships with stress,

Business Improvement Skills such as business writing for success, developing strategic spreadsheets.

Compliance Skills such as risk management, workplace health, and safety, first aid, developing a policies framework and project management.

Team and Leadership Development including training needs analysis, Certificate III, Certificate IV and Diplomas of Business, Leadership and Management, Project Management and Bookkeeping.