Board Ready Program

Board performance and composition is critical to business success. To ensure the board is a strategic asset, it must have the right mix of skills, knowledge, governance frameworks and the ability to work effectively as a team.

This program is designed for the start-up and emerging business to understand the fundamentals of Director mind-set, roles and responsibilities and the governance requirements of boards.

Board Readiness

Our philosophy is to build contemporary knowledge, skills, and resources important to run an effective board.

Our materials are in accordance with the best practice outlined by the Institute of Company Directors and will be delivered by an experienced business owner, director, and graduate of the Institute of Company Directors.

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Role of the Board 

  • Effective board structure and processes
  • Personality types, group dynamics, and board composition and the influence on board effectiveness.
  • Working with management and distinguishing between accountabilities and roles
  • Legal Framework and responsibilities
  • Balancing compliance and performance roles

Director Mindset and Duties 

  • Director vs executive thinking
  • The importance of changing mindsets
  • General duties under the Corporations Act
  • Exercising due care and responsibility
  • Responsibilities for maintaining a reasonably informed opinion.
  • Conflicts of Interest and Ethics
  • The role, responsibilities and liabilities of the Chairman Secretary, Executive Directors, Non-Executive Directors and Offices

Effective Board Meetings 

  • Board Meeting Procedures and implementing key board meeting protocols
  • Preparing for successful board meetings
  • Participate effectively in the boardroom

Reporting and Communication 

  • Requirements for communication of notifications, agendas, minutes and board papers
  • Agenda and Minutes requirements and risks
  • Boardrooms in the digital age
  • Maintaining individual director records

Delivery Options

This program can be delivered in a variety of different formats depending on board size,  governance requirements and the depth of exploration into board collateral.

  • OPTION 1: 4 x 2 hour Webinars
  • OPTION 2: 1 day Face to Face Collaborative Training
  • OPTION 3: 2-day Face to Face Collaborative Training – 2-day program would provide more time for deeper discussion and development of board framework, policy and resources

Not For Profit Volunteer Management and Board Ready Program

Sponsor a Not for Profit Board today as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility Program.  

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