FAQ – Schools Enrolment Information and System Access.

This information is provided to students and parents enrolling (registering) in a qualification at Learning Partnerships through, or associated with their school.

Q: How do I Enrol

A: To enrol in the qualification and gain access to our learning management systems you will need to first enrol.

  1. You can enrol from our website at www.learningpartnerships.com.au by selecting the course and clicking on the Apply Button.
  2. You can also click on Apply Here
  3. Select the Qualification
  4. Click Group Booking


  • If you are still at School – Please use the Group Booking not register. Enter your personal details and the Schools name. This will enable us to report by School and keep track of all participants for a school. Please watch this Video on how to register.
  • Note! For coordinators booking multiple students, please enter the contact details of the person responsible for the cohort and the number of participants.

Q: What Course do I select

A: Qualifications are clearly labeled with the course code and title. If you are wanting to enrol in either the Work Ready Program or Talent Tools Program you will need to enrol as per below

  • Talent Tools select FSK10113 Certificate I in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways.
  • Work Ready select FSK20113 Certificate II in Skills for Work and Vocational Pathways.

Q: The Application Form asks for a USI , I don’t have one or can not remember it.

A: We will require a USI number in order for us to provide the Department of Education with your enrolment and completion data. Watch the Video above for information on creating or recovering

Q: Once I have registered what is next

A: After you have registered you will receive a letter of confirmation advising enrolment has been completed and an invoice will be sent out for payment.

The letter of confirmation will also have a link to the student portal and the students logon and password to access the information.

Q: I have lost the link to my portal. How can I find it again.

A: You can access your students information here:

Certificate III and Diploma https://lpbusinesscollege.moodle.school/login/index.php

Once you have logged into the portal you will see all your courses on your Dashboard under My Courses. If you are enrolled in a Certificate III or a Diploma your courses will be opened up one at at a time.

Work Ready Program Once you have logged into the portal you will see all your courses on your Dashboard under My Courses. Ihttps://moodlecloud.com/app/en/portal/view/lpinschools

Talent Tools – This program is delivered on Google Classrooms. You can download the application or access on the web. It will automatically show up when registered to your email address that you used to log in with.

Q: I have submitted work but the teacher says it is not done.

A: With competency based training, you have three attempts to correct your work. Unlike school submitting doesn’t mean it is complete. We have a 14 day turn around on marking due to demands on our time.

Please note we can not reply immediately to requests for updates on progress.

You can self check your own progress by opening up the course assessment and seeing the result.

You can also check the % complete from your dashboard.

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