Why the phrase “this is how we do things” is the most dangerous phrase you can say this year.

Today, I reflect on an overview that I gave yesterday on the value chain and operations and even the product offerings in Learning Partnerships I was amazed at the extent the changes that we have implemented in the last two years.

Especially where we are as a business today looks very different to what it did last year and the year before driven by innovation and a need to be constantly adapting to changes in technology, customer expectations, demands on more flexible any time any where training and a faster more demanding working environment and a business strategy requiring scalability across diverse regions.

As a business we apply internally methodologies for Agile Business Methodologies, Innovation and Change Leadership Programs and minimal viable product for testing training demand and needs. As a business as a general rule all of our qualifications contain at least one innovation focus and we run specific innovation programs like the Key Innovation Leader Skill Set and the In Schools Entrepreneur Program.

Definitely the essential skills for the next decade and beyond are Innovation, Critical Thinking, Trend Analysis and Business Analysis. Leaders and businesses need to be ensuring that they are constantly evolving and not stay complacent and comfortable with thinking that just because it worked yesterday does not mean it will work today.

This is the way we do things is the single most dangerous phrase and mindset in business

A long long time ago when I wore a different business analyst / project manager hat I was flown down to a bank processing facility to find out why the hell one of their fundamental processes was failing and identify a system change / solution to fix it.

Turns out they had a process that ‘person A’ had to put a piece of paper in the blue folders in ‘person B”s in tray at which point the necessary approvals and then entered into the system and the system magically started its processes. Turns out there was a shortage of blue folders and these were changed to red and ‘Person A’ didn’t think to look inside the red folder because it was not the way they did things.

After a face palm I realised that I should have guessed – people (while important and valuable do not get me wrong) are always the hardest to tweet weakest link.

To develop an innovation culture businesses and leaders need to:

  • Develop fundamental business analysis skills in their teams through training
  • Ingrain innovation and ideation into business culture and operating rhythm
  • Build checkpoints into operating rhythms to welcome discussion and ideation on issues, blockers, change, competitors and customer
  • Calve out time from the grind for ideation and creativity

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Miranda Mears
Managing Director

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